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Lino Villas

hree great independent houses in Lino Area

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Unique Island

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Summer Events

Threshing in July
• 19 - 20 July: the Prophet Elias, Saint Elias feast in Ai-Lias Psles
• 20 July: the Prophet Elias, Saint Elias feast in Trachy.
• 26 July: St. Ermolaos
Great festival in the square of Molos, transfer with boats on the island of Ag.Ermolaou and return to square of Molos, which there is a festival with dances, songs and seafood dishes.
• 26 - 27 July: St. Panteleimon feast of Agios Panteleimon in the Trachy.
• 26 - 27 July: St. Panteleimon St. Panteleimon feast on Marmaro.
• 5 - 6 August: Transfiguration, feast in Sotera.
• 14 August: Assumption of the Virgin Mary, festival in Panagitsa in Patima.
• 14 - 15 August: Assumption of Virgin Mary, Festival in Panagia Megklou.
If there is no marriage in the summer you can certainly see a representation of Skyros wedding in August 15

• 16 - 17 August: St. Myron, festival in Santa Meronas.
• 23 August: Dormition Performance, festival for Virgin Mary in Kyra Panagia.
• 28 - 29 August: Beheading of John the Baptist head, festival in St. John in Psarmo.
• 1 - 2 September: Agios Mamas, festival in Saint Mamas.
• 7 - 8 September: Nativity of the Virgin Mary, festival in Panagia Lympiani.
• 8 September: Nativity of the Virgin Mary, the festival in Panagia Spiliotisa (Achilles).

• 19 - 20 October: St. Artemios festival in Santa Artemis in Mountain.
Also theater and dance performances
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