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Lino Villas

hree great independent houses in Lino Area

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Unique Island

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The Island
Skyros is the southernmost island of Northern Sporades and is located east of Evia.
It lies about 24 miles from Kymi, Evia, where daily the ferry boat Achilleas has itirenaries.
It is the largest island of the Sporades and it’s area reaches 210 square kilometers .

The island is characterized by strong contrasts, features hills with pine trees, scenery, with rocky mountain, idyllic secluded beaches, beautiful bays, extensive beaches, sea caves. All these are composed a natural and full of variations terrain.

Skyros is an island with deep historical roots that retains its traditional identity and the traditional Greek arts so it charms every visitor.

The castle, the traditional houses, the churches of the capital, the coastal colonies, the archaeological sites and the picturesque churches (400 churches around) make up the unique image of the island.

You can find
• Wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters
• Hills and mountains for those who love nature
• Forests with clear vegetation for excursionists and hikers
• Large beaches ideal for sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving and canoeing
• Graphic settlements
• Beautiful routes for biking in the nature
• Tranquil setting for relaxation
• Unique small horses, called ponies
• Fans of traditional arts and of ethnography will have the opportunity to visit the local pottery, woodcarving shops  
  and embroidery’s shops
• Traditional Greek taverns for delicious meals, fresh fish, lobster and wild goats
• The archaeological museum and archaeological sites
• The folklore museum Faltaits
• Prehistoric fortified town in Palamari of Skyros
• The ancient quarry in Pouria
• The Square of eternal poetry with the statue of poet Robert Brook
• The exhibition of the sculptor of the island, George Lambros
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